Excuse Me While I scream– UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is true, I haven’t been around WP, in quite while. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t get into my dash-board! Ahhhh, it but does! Especially when I had written 2 different passwords–both wrong!!!! Ooohh well, I’m here now! with some good news related to the story I am slogging along with–I am now a happy owner of a full sized laptop, as well as a printer. Both given to me by another lovely friend!! The Lord has, indeed, blessed my socks straight off my feet!! Thank You, so very much, oh Lord!

Well, I am here, with awesome news. . .

I now, own a full-blown laptop computer!! I, also, now own a printer! Both unfortunately, lack the WiFi code to access the internet. That will change tomorrow!!
One problem I found with ‘Lucy’ (the laptop’s name!): she is very slow! I told it could need defragmentation. I haven’t the froggist (my nod to Kermit the frog) idea what that is!!
So, I really am a happy camper!!
I’m still writing the novel– close to beginning the OUTLINE (the crowd is hushed; a pin could heard being dropped), possibly in a week (?).

A Question for You . . .

when did you learn how to tell time? For me, I have always been, to some degree, in everything, a “late bloomer”, meaning, I’ve either learned or experienced things late in life. I learned how to tell time, not in grade school, like most folks, though I only knew how to tell the hour & half hour (like 4:00 pm or 7:30 am, etc) then, but never quite those ‘between’ time-points. Not until Timex came with digital timepieces, that is!!! This was monumental to me! It wasn’t until the ’70’s (?) when I could say to someone, with complete confidence, what time it was to the person.

Here is a poll, I’d like for folks, like you, yeah, you with the 5 children wanting their mom’s attention, NOW {this thingie can wait–your wee ones are by far more important!!}. All others please, go ahead, & satisfy this nosy blogger’s curiosity:



To my Mama. . .

Edith (Edie) Paul Jarman Joyce. I know you are Rejoicing in Paradise, right now with the one of your loves your second hubby, my step-dad, Pat Joyce, who I loved dearly as well as my dad. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mama! Some day, I’ll be with you, along with my little ones, & my furry daughter, Baby. I know you are all praising our Lord along with His angels. You, Mama, are my inspiration to write my novel. Thank you! Your second daughter, O.

Writing. . .

isn’t what I’m doing now & haven’t been for what feels eons!! This is, I feel, from this lousy thing called depression. There are only 3 activities I’m doing consistently: breathing, eating & sleeping. That’s pretty much it. Although yesterday, I made myself get out of the facility, and travel down the nearest bookstore [1/2 Price Bookstore!!], and purchase my next hardcopy journal. It’s quite a bit smaller than what I’m used but the cover was so appealing!! It’s reproduction of Alphonse Maria Mucha’s lithograph, “Salome”. It’s just gorgeous, I believe. Tomorrow, I hope to take a photo of it, show it off a bit.

I did find this–www.alfonsmucha.org/Salome.html

I’m sorry that isn’t a link as I wanted!

I, also bought, to stir up my creativity, Betty Edwards’ ” The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” &

Donald Maass’ “Fire in Fiction”.

National Day of Prayer. . .

is today, and always has been the first Thursday of May. I took some extra moments to listen to “Focus on the Family” call-in program. Folks calling in their prayers for our country. I was amazed how each were honest in their prayers! It was good to hear people who love God, and who also love our country enough to pray for it. I know I don’t pray enough, for it!! Do you?