About being depressed. . .

This past Tuesday, it had been announced of Robin Williams’ death. I had been listening to “Intentional Living” with Dr. Randy Carlson, on Family Life Radio. He had postponed the scheduled topic to discuss what information he & others could share about depression. He had a staff member, Ron Carter who currently is depressed. A great many who are dealing with, suffering from this debilitating mental illness describe it as ‘dark and deep’. The following is meant as NO level of disrespect to those of us who are dealing with this!! The thought I had flashed on was this– “shallow, and 18% grey”! Wow, I smiled hugely [as I am now] at this!! This is how I can describe my level of depression!! The “18% grey” is a term used in film still photography. From Wikipedia –“A gray card is a middle gray reference, typically used together with a reflective light meter, as a way to produce consistent image exposure and/or color in film andphotography.”

My very last time ’round in community college, had been the process of earning a degree in fine arts, focusing (yeah, pun intended!!) on photography.

My point, I suppose, in all of this post, is that though Mr. Williams’ death is truly a tragedy, to his family, his friends, and the world; he being an incredible actor/ comic, I like to think he, too, may have gotten a smile from my “shallow & 18% grey”!! :-D 

Again, I want to be totally clear on this: I mean no disrespect to anyone who going through the ordeal of depression!  This is only a ” tee-hee” on yours truly!!


Plus,today would have been my dear sweet mama’s 92nd birthday!! She went to go to be with the Lord in ’86. She’s now Rejoicing In Paradise!! HALLUJAH!!!

Being broken. . .

I’m feeling Mr. Stephen King’s physical pain, to an exceedingly smaller scale!! Last Thursday, the 30th of July, I tumbled out of my wheel-chair, as I was lifting one of the foot rests up, so that my feet rest on my facilities’s dining room floor. I tipped over, fracturing 1 or both bones of my lower left leg. My wheel-chair was not damaged, at all. I, now, am waiting in bed for my insurance to o.k. reinstalling the backrest that was removed, just the day before! All story-writing is put “on-hold”, tfn!! UGH, double UGH! O I do know I could write/work in bed, but I haven’t got much enthusiasm for it, at this point.

Excuse Me While I scream– UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is true, I haven’t been around WP, in quite while. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t get into my dash-board! Ahhhh, it but does! Especially when I had written 2 different passwords–both wrong!!!! Ooohh well, I’m here now! with some good news related to the story I am slogging along with–I am now a happy owner of a full sized laptop, as well as a printer. Both given to me by another lovely friend!! The Lord has, indeed, blessed my socks straight off my feet!! Thank You, so very much, oh Lord!

Well, I am here, with awesome news. . .

I now, own a full-blown laptop computer!! I, also, now own a printer! Both unfortunately, lack the WiFi code to access the internet. That will change tomorrow!!
One problem I found with ‘Lucy’ (the laptop’s name!): she is very slow! I told it could need defragmentation. I haven’t the froggist (my nod to Kermit the frog) idea what that is!!
So, I really am a happy camper!!
I’m still writing the novel– close to beginning the OUTLINE (the crowd is hushed; a pin could heard being dropped), possibly in a week (?).

A Question for You . . .

when did you learn how to tell time? For me, I have always been, to some degree, in everything, a “late bloomer”, meaning, I’ve either learned or experienced things late in life. I learned how to tell time, not in grade school, like most folks, though I only knew how to tell the hour & half hour (like 4:00 pm or 7:30 am, etc) then, but never quite those ‘between’ time-points. Not until Timex came with digital timepieces, that is!!! This was monumental to me! It wasn’t until the ’70’s (?) when I could say to someone, with complete confidence, what time it was to the person.

Here is a poll, I’d like for folks, like you, yeah, you with the 5 children wanting their mom’s attention, NOW {this thingie can wait–your wee ones are by far more important!!}. All others please, go ahead, & satisfy this nosy blogger’s curiosity:



To my Mama. . .

Edith (Edie) Paul Jarman Joyce. I know you are Rejoicing in Paradise, right now with the one of your loves your second hubby, my step-dad, Pat Joyce, who I loved dearly as well as my dad. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mama! Some day, I’ll be with you, along with my little ones, & my furry daughter, Baby. I know you are all praising our Lord along with His angels. You, Mama, are my inspiration to write my novel. Thank you! Your second daughter, O.