of the notions of Christian emotionalism versus Christian intellectualism versus Christian ‘middle-of-the-road’ (and is there such a thing?)– I haven’t the foggiest idea where/Who I got this from! But it is the thought that there’s something in the way of thinking that’s not too high-minded that it’s not understandable, yet not so emotional that causes one to come to tears at the drop of a proverbial “hat”.

Some thoughts as to the ” why” I’m asking this: * to bring around more”traffic” to my blog;

* I haven’t written blogged diddly-squat in quite a long time;

* there hasn’t been  much “traffic” on my blog since I began it months ago;

* I truly am intrigued as to what, if anything could be written of this;

* I’m curious if anyone might be cogitating on this as well, especially fellow insomniacs, since I am writing this at 4:38 am (Arizona, USA time).


Haven’t done much

work on my fiction-writing, mostly due feeling so severely sleepy, about 85% of the time. I either sleep too much or not enough–no middle ground!  This is frustrating the snot out of me!! I have researched the possibility of having chronic fatigue syndrome, on- line. I’m unsure about this. I only know I’m very tired of sleep-rolling (since I use a wheel-chair–HA, HA!!!!).

Well. . .

I’m back from being away from WP.  I have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing!! I’ve done a bit work on my novel–I’m at day 12 of “90 Days. . .  This involves developing minor characters. For some reason I’m ‘stuck’ here! I do need to get going with this aspect of my novel, but it’s overwhelming me. UGH!!
One thing I did get done was the radio frequency ablation. The surgeon found 2 more arrhythmias besides the 1 he initially detected a few weeks ago. All is well with that.

Wow I’ m amazed. . .

what happens when I open this somewhat big mouth of mine!  Last Tuesday, I had undergone a sleep study, where I’m monitored while sleeping. Initially, I get ‘hooked up’ to an EKG, EEG & other initialed tests with wires being attached to my head (my brown hair being a mild nuisance).  As this was occurring I had the room’s TV set on, I switched the station to our local PBS station (soooo love PBS!!!) where “American  Masters” was about to begin. Very cool, I wondered to myself, who’ll be featured.  An author, by the name of J. D. Salinger–sadly, I never heard of him [I know, I know, I aiming to be a writer, yet, I don't of Salinger??  Shame on me!! Well. . .]. The technician who was attending these wires, stated that Salinger was a favorite of hers. It was mentioned on the program that Salinger wrote “The Catcher in the Rye”. I did hear of the book, but never read it[how DID I graduate from high school without knowing the American literary classics, is truly unknown to me!!!].  I made a note to buy and read this book, and I stated this to the techie. We both watched the program until she was finished ‘wiring me up’. The next morning, I left the facility, not thinking too much, but getting home.

Yesterday, I received an unexpected package. I recognized the address as being the sleep lab, but nothing more.  So, opened the package, torn onto the lovely blue tissue paper, covered comical cartoon owl stickers, and found a ‘library’ of Salinger’s works!!!  The techie gal sent them!!!  Just today, sent off a ‘thank-you’card to her.

“90 Days

to Your Novel” by Sarah Dumet is what I’ve started yesterday, the 6th.  I plan to ‘stick with’ this to create my 1st draft of my work of fiction loosely based on what to my mom & her first child, my half-sister. I intend to ‘check-in’ once a week here on my blog about my progress & of course, to see if any one commented on my posts.  To be continued. . .