The stories I’m creating

O.k., here are the two stories I’m working on currently:

1)  loosely based on part my mom’s life, her early twenties, when she was cited as being an unfit mother, to her first child [my half sister].

2) an all-work-of -fiction,a young 20-something gal goes into a coma, due to an accident, but lives her whole life while in a coma.

So far, I’ve got the major characters’ bios, done & 1/4 of the minor ones written, & a few scenes of each story “hashed abit”. 

I have a question to any one who reads my blog and has more experience with blogging than I, and who has written [& published?] their own works of fiction:  how much do I reveal of my stories?  I would appeciate all comments.


One thought on “The stories I’m creating

  1. I usually don’t reveal too much about the actual story, concentrating instead on the process of writing. I do notice that a lot of people reveal big chunks of their work but those aren’t the blogs I enjoy the most. It’s all a matter of choice. Great ideas, by the way. Best of luck.

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