God is good . . .

Get ready, folks, what I’m about to write of is potentially mind-blowing!!!  

This past Tuesday, I had left my apartment with my bag that contained my ‘old-school’ journal & my ‘droid tablet. I was going to pick up photos, & then, maybe, head to  the library to get some research begun on one of my stories.  After getting my ‘pics’, I chose to  go home ‘cuz after traveling about on my city’s crosswalks & sidewalks I had gotten very tired ‘cuz  of pushing across  wide cracks in the pavement, as well as negotiating gravel.  After getting inside, I unpacked my purse, then reached with my arm for my bag . . .it wasn’t there!!  Silly me! I even checked with my other arm, thinking that would produce a different outcome! No, of course not! O.k., so, I told a deep breath, still panicking, thinking what could have happened to it–I pictured it getting rolled over by an 18-wheeler, or worse, many of ’em!!!!  Then, I realized I needed to ‘get my act together’ & think what to do 1st.  Since it had gotten chillier since I rolled into my apartment, I changed warmer clothes grabbed my purse & toke off to retrace my wheelrolls.  


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