Here I am. . .

writing a post @ 3 am!!!!!  I went to bed,or rather I laid down to  attempt to sleep–no such luck!  I’ve hadway too many nights like this. I wouldn’t mind it if I just could stay awake all day–that’s a no go as well.  UGH!! I’ll very likely fall asleep in my wheelchair as I’m doing something I need to stay awake for, like writing my story or eating!!  I’ll keep this blog of mine informed as what’s up with this middle-aged chick!

Now, other stuff, such as “90 Days. . . “: I completed 3 days thus far, I feeling pretty good about that. I did say that, to myself, late summer last year, when I had a public library’s copy.  Absolutely not the same–3 week loan just didn’t cut it.


. I have some more info to my primary characters, & have added a couple new ones.
It’s now 3:30 in the morning and I’m starting to get the severe ‘sleepies’!!! More, later. . .


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