of the notions of Christian emotionalism versus Christian intellectualism versus Christian ‘middle-of-the-road’ (and is there such a thing?)– I haven’t the foggiest idea where/Who I got this from! But it is the thought that there’s something in the way of thinking that’s not too high-minded that it’s not understandable, yet not so emotional that causes one to come to tears at the drop of a proverbial “hat”.

Some thoughts as to the ” why” I’m asking this: * to bring around more”traffic” to my blog;

* I haven’t written blogged diddly-squat in quite a long time;

* there hasn’t been  much “traffic” on my blog since I began it months ago;

* I truly am intrigued as to what, if anything could be written of this;

* I’m curious if anyone might be cogitating on this as well, especially fellow insomniacs, since I am writing this at 4:38 am (Arizona, USA time).



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