Writing. . .

isn’t what I’m doing now & haven’t been for what feels eons!! This is, I feel, from this lousy thing called depression. There are only 3 activities I’m doing consistently: breathing, eating & sleeping. That’s pretty much it. Although yesterday, I made myself get out of the facility, and travel down the nearest bookstore [1/2 Price Bookstore!!], and purchase my next hardcopy journal. It’s quite a bit smaller than what I’m used but the cover was so appealing!! It’s reproduction of Alphonse Maria Mucha’s lithograph, “Salome”. It’s just gorgeous, I believe. Tomorrow, I hope to take a photo of it, show it off a bit.

I did find this–www.alfonsmucha.org/Salome.html

I’m sorry that isn’t a link as I wanted!

I, also bought, to stir up my creativity, Betty Edwards’ ” The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” &

Donald Maass’ “Fire in Fiction”.


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