Scars. . .

The e-mail I got from Sharon Jaynes, today, got me seriously thinking. Another woman got me seriously thinking as well–Marilyn Williams, she had been featured on today’s “Focus on the Family” broadcast on Family Life Radio.
The scars I have gotten through the years, the obvious ones: the one on my right index finger, towards the rest of my hand where a glass tumbler shattered in my hand as I was washing it; the one down the middle of chest reminding me of the open-heart surgery I had, 26 years ago, this past March, to repair a birth defect. Then, those hidden ones, not physical scars, the emotional/ mental scars, that hurt to this day. Marilyn brought some of those up for me, with part 1 of her testimony. She endured many decades of incest, sexual abuse from many male family members. I had endured much less, but nevertheless, damaging abuse from, first a neighborhood boy, and later, a male cousin. A huge portion of my childhood I simply don’t remember; that, maybe from other abuse–I don’t know.

Here is the address of the Sharon’s e-mail (I’m so sorry, the ‘link’ doesn’t seem to function!!)

For “Focus on the Family”–


One thought on “Scars. . .

  1. Those are the scars… doesn’t matter how well you cover them, they hide. Beauty may be only skin deep, but that’s OK, if there aren’t that kind of scar underneath. And still, you persevere

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