It’s the first Saturday of March, 2015—

I have had poor couple weeks of WIP writing. It is primarily from the m.s.–the word, “crappy” comes to mind loudly & quite distinctly!

Tuesday, I went to the e.r., I was pretty messed up: nauseous, a couple of dry heaves. I was plain miserable! I had gotten a c.t. scan done. It shown something suspicious; the Dr. thought the 2 sections (the large & small intestines) appeared to be ‘telescoped’. The large into the small or the other way around. Well, any way, the small team of drs determined it would be  ‘best’ for me to have a nasal gastric tube inserted, to drain the upper g.i. tract.

Well, those particular things are extremely horrible to have inserted!! Plus, it didn’t accomplish anything!

My lesson in this, I believe, is assertively demand what I want done, instead of blithely agreeing what doctors’ opinions are.


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