I am still . . .

around!! I’m truly going very slow on my WIP, “Edie’s Story”, primarily due to challenges related to my physical health. I’m SO not a ‘happy camper’ at all; however, I keep praying for Jesus’ strength through all of it! This NOT some gimmick I say–this IS what I genuinely believe with my heart, mind, and soul.
The Lord Jesus does give me strength.
I’m about 3/4 done with a revision of the very first scene of Act 1. This corresponds Sarah Domet’s “90 Days to Your Novel” week 6, assignment #2.
Today had been a good day of writing–praise God Almighty!!


2 thoughts on “I am still . . .

    1. Actually, it may be closer to the middle of June, only because I created a small monster within Scrivener which I HAD slaughter! So, from a hard- copy, I had input the story onto MS Word. Only a small bump in my writing road, Jacqui.

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