Pondering about transgendered folks. . . or

those who feel it necessary in their heart and mind to be a member of opposite sex of their birth. First, before any one gets any ideas that this is a post of me “ranting ‘n’ raving” about this is wrong in God’s eyes, I’ll inform you right now to those readers who want that–move on, please.
I flatly don’t understand why. This is coming from a woman who lived with a cross-dressing man as boyfriend/girlfriend. He always asserted he never wanted to a woman. He claimed he simply enjoyed wearing women’s clothing. He, too, like Mr. Jenner, began as a little boy.
My question, and whether this is answerable, I haven’t foggiest notion, but I go:
where is that line, where desiring to wear opposite gender/sex clothes goes to desiring to be a part of that gender/sex?
Also, what does God say about this? I will not voice my opinion, right about that, perhaps, later. . .


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