Something I Discovered in My Stuff

This is a wee bit late; however, it’s still needed!

We are celebrating freedom in this land of ours today
And I wonder if we realize the price so many paid.
It cost a wife her husband, and it cost a mom her son,
A little boy his daddy for this vict’ry to be won.

Brave men fought with fervor all day and all through the night
And when the dawn was breaking our flag was still in sight.
Relief brought tears of gratitude to see”Old Glory” wave
And today our hearts are thankful for our Fathers true and brave.

But there’s another kind of freedom,
It was paid for long ago
By a King who left His throne room
And came to earth below.

His motive was not freedom from oppression o’er the sea
But “to give the blind their eyesight and the captive liberty,
To heal the broken hearted and bind up all the bruised,
T preach the gospel story and bring the world good news.”

There’s another flag that’s flying and it’s color’s crimson red,
It was placed upon Nt. Calv’ry by this King whose blood was shed.
So be grateful to our Savior for His cross and for His creed,
For each born-again American has really “twice” been freed.

copyright 1981 Elaine Pitman


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