“The Artist’s Way”–my second go ’round

I had found my copy of “The Complete Artist’s Way” [to be known as TAW] in the stuff, my gal pals brought down, from Payson, AZ. Of course, I was pleased as all get out!! I do have a slight problem with Ms. Cameron’s reference to God; however, for me, only me, since I am a Christian, I plan on using Biblical names for God Almighty.
As to the title of this post–well, to be honest, I never did get past the 3rd week of the 12! For me, there are some challenges, such as walking. Uuummhhh, I use a manual wheelchair, and negotiating Phoenix, AZ sidewalks are potentially deadly! Along with the impending summer heat!! All this written, I will do my best.
Ms. Cameron has participants “do” Artist’s Dates–I can certainly do my best with those, as long as I find “to do’s” dirt-cheap or free and in the evening.

I have started the first week of reading along with some of the Tasks, already.
Next time I post, I’ll add what I’ve done.


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