In Honor of a Dear Friend

Tracey  V. Kettles– July 9, 1961 – January 16, 2008

I met Tracey when we were both homeless, back in ’88. She had moved here to Phoenix from Colorado Springs, with her ‘best friend’ who wound up abandoning her. She came to live in the small shelter, run by the Catholic Charities.

She rescued me from further homelessnessI by suggesting I go on Social Security disability income like her, so I did.

We became fast pals, and we lived together for 5 years. We parted amicably.

I decided to check on my old pals, last year. I googled Tracey’s name. What came up both shocked and saddened me: on She died in January of 2008.

Tracey had been my best friend when I was at my lowest point;I don’t know how she died, I have my ideas, though. I pray she’s at peace!


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