A near-fatal accident

What if. . .
something happened to you or a loved of ours that really shook you to your very core of your being?
What would your very first response be? Anger, sadness?
Something happened to me four days ago, that I’m still ruminating over.
On the way home from church, I was about roll across the street, I did have the light, the pedestrian indicator light was on, it was o.k., to go across.
Nope, not according a guy in SUV-styled vehicle!! He turned very wide, I had to back myself up to avoid getting hit–it was still quite close.
I looked up into the vehicle; the driver wasn’t even looking straight ahead. He was looking to his left! I called him, “a dumb- – -!”; though I seriously doubt he heard that.
I was too much in shock to get the license plate.


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