It has been WAY TOO long

since writing on my blog!! It’s got to do with fatigue primarily. I hate this, but there’s not a lot I can do about it, except pray for strength to endure it.

My story is going very slow–I’m at the half-way point, right now. I’m stalled in the midst of the climatic scene of the story. So far, I’ve no external conflicts. I’m not exactly sure why I’m in this slump, but I don’t like it!!

Oh good grief, whaat NOW?!

WARNING–This is a rant!!

Simply my body that’s not tolerating having to deal nearly every moment of every waking day, this cruddy disease named multiple sclerosis.

In less than 5 days this past week, I had to go to the e.r., because of a clog in part of equipment. I won’t go into details, here, suffice it, to say, I hated it.

My life’s statement:  ‘It could be worse’ is beginning to lose its brilliance!

I plot & plog on!





In Honor of a Dear Friend

Tracey  V. Kettles– July 9, 1961 – January 16, 2008

I met Tracey when we were both homeless, back in ’88. She had moved here to Phoenix from Colorado Springs, with her ‘best friend’ who wound up abandoning her. She came to live in the small shelter, run by the Catholic Charities.

She rescued me from further homelessnessI by suggesting I go on Social Security disability income like her, so I did.

We became fast pals, and we lived together for 5 years. We parted amicably.

I decided to check on my old pals, last year. I googled Tracey’s name. What came up both shocked and saddened me: on She died in January of 2008.

Tracey had been my best friend when I was at my lowest point;I don’t know how she died, I have my ideas, though. I pray she’s at peace!

What Has Been Going With

me?  For starters, I had to go to the emergency room, on June 21st, for I had been vomiting blood, about midnight. It was only twice, but once in the e.r., I did more of that. My diagnosis was g.e.r.d.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease  or what

I describe it heartburn multiplied a 1000 times!

I got a small complication with this:  the last place was in, an skilled nursing facility, gave me a list of my medications including the 2 to treat the gerd. It was implied that I can get my meds filled with this document. No, not according to the pharmacist at the Walgreens I regularly go to. So, I don’ t have these meds!!

My plan of action is call to my doctor’s office, state my difficulty, and see what happens, Monday.

All this has brought about delays, in everything I’ve been doing. UGH!!

I’m not genuinely stressed about this. The Lord is  doing a good work in all of this! He is sovereign!

“The Artist’s Way”–my second go ’round

I had found my copy of “The Complete Artist’s Way” [to be known as TAW] in the stuff, my gal pals brought down, from Payson, AZ. Of course, I was pleased as all get out!! I do have a slight problem with Ms. Cameron’s reference to God; however, for me, only me, since I am a Christian, I plan on using Biblical names for God Almighty.
As to the title of this post–well, to be honest, I never did get past the 3rd week of the 12! For me, there are some challenges, such as walking. Uuummhhh, I use a manual wheelchair, and negotiating Phoenix, AZ sidewalks are potentially deadly! Along with the impending summer heat!! All this written, I will do my best.
Ms. Cameron has participants “do” Artist’s Dates–I can certainly do my best with those, as long as I find “to do’s” dirt-cheap or free and in the evening.

I have started the first week of reading along with some of the Tasks, already.
Next time I post, I’ll add what I’ve done.

A near-fatal accident

What if. . .
something happened to you or a loved of ours that really shook you to your very core of your being?
What would your very first response be? Anger, sadness?
Something happened to me four days ago, that I’m still ruminating over.
On the way home from church, I was about roll across the street, I did have the light, the pedestrian indicator light was on, it was o.k., to go across.
Nope, not according a guy in SUV-styled vehicle!! He turned very wide, I had to back myself up to avoid getting hit–it was still quite close.
I looked up into the vehicle; the driver wasn’t even looking straight ahead. He was looking to his left! I called him, “a dumb- – -!”; though I seriously doubt he heard that.
I was too much in shock to get the license plate.