My grand-dad headstone

Because of my pals Annette, Babs, Lauren, I now have my photos, my photo album, along with alot of my goodies I forgot I have!!

One of the photos in my album is a black and white of my mom kneeling against her dad’s headstone. Since my story is based on some of both of them, I was surprised at the date of his death. My mom told me he died when she was 12 years old. Well, it really isn’t a huge deal but she was ‘off’ by two years. Sssooo, I’ll change a few dates in my story. . .it’s called poetic license, I think.

In general, tho I am pleased that I got my stuff with me!! Thanks to my gal-pals!!



This is down-right exquisite writing!! As well as lovely photos of LA!

Originally posted on Extra Dry Martini:

It’s an early evening in late April in Los Angeles. I’ve been running in La Cienega Park, around and around that dusty dirt track, spurred on by pop music pulsating through my ear buds and the excitement of a little league baseball game nearby. The sounds that echo through the spring evening – the crack of the bat smacking the baseball and launching it into the outfield, children’s voices cheering, parents clapping – give me an extra spark of energy to keep going, to keep running, to keep pushing my body forward.


I finish my last lap and leave the track. Tired and sweaty, I run across Olympic Boulevard and turn down Alfred Street, slowing to a jog and then to a fast walk as I enter one of my favorite enclaves in this historic South Carthay neighborhood. iTunes skips to the next song – The Lady is a Tramp

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Pondering about transgendered folks. . . or

those who feel it necessary in their heart and mind to be a member of opposite sex of their birth. First, before any one gets any ideas that this is a post of me “ranting ‘n’ raving” about this is wrong in God’s eyes, I’ll inform you right now to those readers who want that–move on, please.
I flatly don’t understand why. This is coming from a woman who lived with a cross-dressing man as boyfriend/girlfriend. He always asserted he never wanted to a woman. He claimed he simply enjoyed wearing women’s clothing. He, too, like Mr. Jenner, began as a little boy.
My question, and whether this is answerable, I haven’t foggiest notion, but I go:
where is that line, where desiring to wear opposite gender/sex clothes goes to desiring to be a part of that gender/sex?
Also, what does God say about this? I will not voice my opinion, right about that, perhaps, later. . .

I am still . . .

around!! I’m truly going very slow on my WIP, “Edie’s Story”, primarily due to challenges related to my physical health. I’m SO not a ‘happy camper’ at all; however, I keep praying for Jesus’ strength through all of it! This NOT some gimmick I say–this IS what I genuinely believe with my heart, mind, and soul.
The Lord Jesus does give me strength.
I’m about 3/4 done with a revision of the very first scene of Act 1. This corresponds Sarah Domet’s “90 Days to Your Novel” week 6, assignment #2.
Today had been a good day of writing–praise God Almighty!!

It’s the first Saturday of March, 2015—

I have had poor couple weeks of WIP writing. It is primarily from the m.s.–the word, “crappy” comes to mind loudly & quite distinctly!

Tuesday, I went to the e.r., I was pretty messed up: nauseous, a couple of dry heaves. I was plain miserable! I had gotten a c.t. scan done. It shown something suspicious; the Dr. thought the 2 sections (the large & small intestines) appeared to be ‘telescoped’. The large into the small or the other way around. Well, any way, the small team of drs determined it would be  ‘best’ for me to have a nasal gastric tube inserted, to drain the upper g.i. tract.

Well, those particular things are extremely horrible to have inserted!! Plus, it didn’t accomplish anything!

My lesson in this, I believe, is assertively demand what I want done, instead of blithely agreeing what doctors’ opinions are.