What Has Been Going With

me?  For starters, I had to go to the emergency room, on June 21st, for I had been vomiting blood, about midnight. It was only twice, but once in the e.r., I did more of that. My diagnosis was g.e.r.d.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease  or what

I describe it heartburn multiplied a 1000 times!

I got a small complication with this:  the last place was in, an skilled nursing facility, gave me a list of my medications including the 2 to treat the gerd. It was implied that I can get my meds filled with this document. No, not according to the pharmacist at the Walgreens I regularly go to. So, I don’ t have these meds!!

My plan of action is call to my doctor’s office, state my difficulty, and see what happens, Monday.

All this has brought about delays, in everything I’ve been doing. UGH!!

I’m not genuinely stressed about this. The Lord is  doing a good work in all of this! He is sovereign!


2 thoughts on “What Has Been Going With

  1. UGH. Well now I know what Gerd stands for! My mom says she has it and I am like, what is that REALLY…I hope that you feel better, and may the Lord deliver you from this nastiness asap. THat cannot be much fun.

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